Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Zen of Lego

I haven't fallen off the planet, not that I know of anyway. I have been pretty busy with work developing the story for a feature we are doing, and I guess I've let this go a bit. Anyhow, I have some free time now.

So I have two boys, and over the last couple of years they have amassed quite a large Lego collection. They have a number of different sets, and they will usually have built a thing or two from the set, it sits with the Lego pile for a while, starts to fall apart, then we will dis-assemble it and add it into the pile. They still have all the instructions to make all the different things, but I guess it's more fun to ask Dad to make something.

Ever built stuff out of Lego? I mean lately. It's really relaxing, you forget all about work and all the other crap going on and you just build some silly thing out of little pieces. It's like doing a puzzle, it challenges you just enough to forget about other things, and you have a little bit of a sense of accomplishment when it's done. I've gotten to the point now where some of the things I build are pretty elaborate. You should try it sometime when you're stressing out. Go blow 15 bucks on a little set and put it together. It's not cheaper than booze, but you won't be all hung over in the morning, or end up with your own embarrassing video on youtube....

Someone asked me to take a picture of one of these things I built and post it here, but I ain't gonna. Listen, isn't it dorky enough to say I like Lego AND ALSO be working in animation? That's two strikes right there. You know why I put up my "cute little boy" picture and not a recent one right? That's right. Strike three.

Go save yourself the cost of a therapist and go buy some little plastic blocks to put together. One day you'll thank me....