Thursday, January 11, 2007

At least now I know I have a 2

Here is what I looked like the day before my heart attack:

Here is what I looked like the day after my heart attack:


sushi said...

Jesus Canadian Christ!! What sort of sports organization calls themself the Maple Leafs? Sounds like a girls’ badminton team. Those puck-heads need a name with nads. How ‘bout the Marijuana Leafs? Or better yet, the Fig Leafs, a team that plays without pads or clothes. Even I, the cheap bastard I am, would pay to see that. Ah hell. That beer is making me thirsty. I’m headin’ to the fridge.

By the way, happy anniversary.

TotalD said...

Lol! The beer made me laugh out loud.

Pamtoon said...

LOL..Man aged so well.